Fill in the blanks


1. name: Claire

2. birthday: July 25th

3. favorite color: lime green

4. lucky number: one

5. height: 5 foot


1. last dream you remember: I was moving into my apartment at college

2. can you juggle: no

3. art/sports/both: sports

4. do you like writing: no

5. do you like dancing: nope 

6. do you like singing: yeah, but I’m not good


1. dream vacation: hmm, not sure

2. dream guy: nice, caring, loving, brown hair, etc

3. dream wedding: I don’t know right now

4. dream pet: New Foundland

5. dream job: ugh, idk


1. favorite song: Talk Dirty to Me

2. favorite album: I don’t have one

3. favorite artist: ^

4. last song you heard on the radio: I don’t know, probably Fancy or something else that’s over played

5. least favorite song: Happy

6. least favorite album: I don’t know

7. least favorite artist: ^


1. guys/girls/both: guys

2. hair color: brown or dark

3. eye color: i don’t care

4. humorous/serious: funny, but serious at the right times

5. biggest turn-off: someone who is too into themselves, assholes, smoking cigarettes, etc

6. biggest turn-on: someone who is sweet, really good with my family, wears hats, plays a sport, etc

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Hi, my name is Claire. I am a junior at Plattsburgh State. My family and friends mean everything to me.